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The PTFA (Parent, Teachers and Friends Association) AGM will be held on Thursday 15th September 2022.  The evening will start at 7.30pm in the School Hall, followed by informal drinks and an opportunity to find out more about what the PTFA do for our school and how you can become more involved. Everyone is welcome.

The PTFA plays a vital part in the school community and all parents and caregivers of Oasis Academy Putney are automatically considered members of the PTFA and are very welcome to support events and attend meetings throughout the year, but as a Charity we are required to elect named committee members who are responsible for voting on how funds are allocated and organising events.

The AGM is an opportunity for you to elect the PTFA Committee, who represent the association throughout the forthcoming year. Nominations should be sent in advance of the AGM for anyone wishing to stand as an Officer or Ordinary Committee Member, for the first time. Existing committee members wishing to stand for re-election do not have to be nominated again but should inform the PTFA of their intention to stay in their role.

If you would like any further information about being a named Officer or Committee Member, please get in touch.  

As our PTFA is a registered charity, all committee members automatically become Trustees of the Charity. Before submitting your nomination, please read the Charity Commission publication ‘The Essential Trustee – What you need to know (CC3)’. A copy of the booklet can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Please get in touch as soon as possible, or by Monday 12th September at the latest to register your attendance and if you are interested in holding a position.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 15th September 2022 at 7.30pm in the School Hall.

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The Chair directs your meetings, making sure everyone’s views are heard and everyone is involved in the meeting. They should make sure all committee members are familiar with the Association’s constitution, and their role and responsibilities as a committee member and trustee (all committee members are automatically trustees of the Association).


The Secretary supports the Chair to build effective communication links between the school and the Association and maintains accurate records.


A key role in the effective governance is that of the Treasurer. While financial matters are the responsibility of all trustees, it is the Treasurer that the other trustees look to on all aspects of the charity’s financial management and reporting.

AGM and PTFA structure: Programs
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The Ordinary committee members are equally responsible for the control of the Association, its property and its funds as the Officer roles. As a committee member they have voting rights in committee meetings to make decisions on behalf of the Association.

AGM and PTFA structure: Programs
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2022 AGM

Presentation and minutes

Thanks to all to came to our AGM. We're happy to share the presentation from the meeting, the Chair's report and meeting minutes.

AGM and PTFA structure: Welcome
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